Services: key solutions for key people  
Globel Management focuses on key people and provides solutions for their needs.
The services can include:
For the companies:

  • discrete global “sounding board” for top management, owners, boards
  • succession planning, vulnerability analysis for key positions
  • assessment of management teams
  • support in acquisitions plans ( organisational structures, assessments, strengths and weaknesses …)
  • support in definition of the vision, strategy and translation into workable structures, procedures, goals
  • attract, hire and retain key people, directly or indirectly
    ( Geert Lobel of Globel Management has a license for unlimited duration as “private labour intermediate”, VG. 1336/B)
  • coordination of external providers: define the needs, draw up briefings, coordination, follow-up of the results …
Services for key people:
Career guidance for senior executives 

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